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Causes of Tooth Staining

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Age is a large contributing element to tooth staining. Stains accumulate over time as the enamel is worn down. That is one reason why patients who undergo professional teeth whitening appear more youthful.

Eating habits play a major role as darker colored beverages and foods such as coffee, red wine, tea, soda, carrots and even oranges cause substantial staining over time. The more acidic of which are the citrus fruits and foods containing vinegar which wear away at the tooth’s enamel making it more transparent and allowing the darker colored dentin to be more visible.

The nicotine in cigarettes leaves behind dark deposits ranging in color from brown to black which are slowly absorbed into the tooth’s enamel causing intrinsic staining among other health hazards. If you are a smoker, cut the habit and take back not only your health but your smile and oral hygiene as well.

Tetracycline when used during the formation of teeth creates brown or dark grey elongated stains which are troublesome to remove. Fluoride that is overly consumed will cause fluorosis and can be the source of white blotches than are sometimes seen on teeth.

Patients who grind their teeth can cause the tiny cracks to increase and worsen. Grinding also may cause the bite edges of the teeth to darken. Other causes for increasing and enlarging cracks in teeth are injuries such as falls causing trauma to the teeth. The more cracks there are in the enamel the more stains are enabled to reach the dentin. Likewise the larger the cracks are, the larger the stains.