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Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover Downtown Toronto

Cosmetic Dentistry Esthetics

Cosmetic dentistry aesthetics explained by Dr. Ammar TaimishTooth Proportion - In most cases an esthetically pleasing smile is one in which the two central incisors are dominant and are slightly longer than they are wide. It is important that these front teeth are proportionate as they will serve are the guideline for the rest of the teeth in balancing their symmetry.

Length of Teeth - Gummy smiles often make teeth appear smaller. In addition, as we age, wear and tear can also negatively impact the length of teeth. With the help of a smile makeover, teeth can be lengthened and reshaped as necessary with dental veneers or composite bonding. Gingivectomy, or gum contouring, is a sculpting of the gum line using a specially designed dental laser and is used to treat gummy smiles to reduce the appearance of an excessive gum line. Longer teeth can also contribute to the enhancement of your facial features. Longer square teeth can provide a slimming effect on round faces. In the event that Dr. Ammar Taimish (Downtown Toronto Dentist) deems it necessary for you to have crown lengthening, you will likely be referred to a periodontist for specialized treatment.

Texture and Shape of Teeth - The shape of your teeth is a highly influential aspect of your smile, teeth can be contoured to create a more feminine or masculine appearance. This concept of course also applies to veneers and crowns by providing our patients with the most radiant natural looking smiles possible.