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Gum Disease Treatment Downtown Toronto

Gum Disease Treatment Costs

The cost of treatment for gum disease will vary depending on the severity and requirements of each case. For example, cases that require deep scaling and root planning in the gingivitis stage of gum disease will differ from the cost of treatment necessary to restore the oral health of a patient with a more progressed form of periodontitis.

Upon diagnosis and some treatment, you Downtown Toronto dentist may refer you to a periodontist who specializes in treating gum disease in order to perform more advanced methods of treatment which may be required.

Depending of the extent of progression in each case, treatment for periodontal disease may cost anywhere from $500 to $10,000. The cost for regular dental cleanings to ensure the prevention of bacteria re-colonization can range between $30 and $75. The cost of periodontal scaling and root planing can range from $140 to $210. Active periodontal therapy, a treatment in which an antimicrobial agent is locally administered into the pockets of the gum to eliminate bacteria, costs about $75 per tooth. The periodontal maintenance required following active therapy costs about $115. Other factors that will determine the cost of periodontal treatment include the technology required for procedure, the location and experience of Dr. Ammar Taimish (Downtown Toronto Dentist), and the type of coverage provided by your dental insurance plan.