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Gum Reshaping

Gingivectomy Downtown Toronto

Gingivectomy Related Procedures

Gum reshaping at Norton Dental Downtown by Dr. Ammar TaimishIn some cases a gingivectomy is performed in conjunction with one or more procedures such as in part of a treatment plan devised by Dr. Ammar Taimish (Downtown Toronto Dentist), or as an element of a smile makeover. Depending on the case, the bone in front of the tooth roots may be reduced to hinder the gum tissue from returning. 

Other cases may require porcelain veneers or crowns in addition to the gingival sculpting. Depending on your case, Dr. Ammar Taimish (Downtown Toronto Dentist) may recommend crown lengthening and grafting procedures to cover over exposed root surfaces.

Gingival grafting that is used to treat lost or recessed gum tissue can be caused from brushing the teeth to hard, poor oral hygiene, as well as gum disease. In the event that grafting is determined part of your treatment plan, living soft tissue will be taken from the palate (roof of the mouth) and placed within those exposed areas to provide a more esthetic appearance in addition to providing protection to the sensitive root structure of your teeth.

 Crown lengthening is a treatment for patients requiring both gum and bone contouring in which the patient is sedated intravenously and given a local anesthetic.  This treatment is normally reserved for patients in which the gum tissue prevents the tooth structure from being exposed enough to support a filling or crown. This can happen if a previous filling has fallen out and there is decay underneath or if the tooth breaks at the gum line.