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Gum Reshaping

Gingivectomy Downtown Toronto

Gingivectomy procedure available at Norton Dental Downtown Gingival tissue refers to the gums surrounding the teeth. A gingivectomy is the professional contouring of this tissue. Gingival sculpting is a minimally invasive procedure performed by Dr. Ammar Taimish (Downtown Toronto Dentist) at Norton Dental Downtown with a specialized laser to reshape and remove excess gum tissue for a more esthetically pleasing smile.

Poor oral hygiene can also result in the requirement to have gingival sculpting performed. Improper tooth brushing and poor hygiene can cause the formation of deep pockets within the gums along with plaque and calculus.

The esthetic problems that can be treated with gingivectomy include gummy smiles, uneven gum lines, exposed root surfaces etc. Sometimes the teeth can appear small when the gum tissue grows in excess over the teeth.

Gingivectomy can correct these issues making your smile more symmetrical and appealing. The laser safely removes only the gum tissue that is extra thereby exposing only the part of the tooth that would normally be exposed had the gum tissue not grown in excess.

Gingivectomy Procedure

Gingivectomy procedure by Dr. Ammar TaimishThe entire gingival sculpting procedure is minimally invasive generally requiring no longer than an hour. A local anesthetic is used on the gums and then your dental provider will use a laser specialized for soft tissue (such as gum tissue) to contour and esthetically shape the gum tissue.

The laser technology is designed to remove excess gum tissue and seal it simultaneously with no stitches and no bleeding.  Procedures requiring bone contouring in addition to gingival sculpting will require stitches, but will not create any additional pain.

Gingivectomy Related Procedures

Gum reshaping at Norton Dental Downtown by Dr. Ammar TaimishIn some cases a gingivectomy is performed in conjunction with one or more procedures such as in part of a treatment plan devised by Dr. Ammar Taimish (Downtown Toronto Dentist), or as an element of a smile makeover. Depending on the case, the bone in front of the tooth roots may be reduced to hinder the gum tissue from returning. 

Other cases may require porcelain veneers or crowns in addition to the gingival sculpting. Depending on your case, Dr. Ammar Taimish (Downtown Toronto Dentist) may recommend crown lengthening and grafting procedures to cover over exposed root surfaces.

Gingival grafting that is used to treat lost or recessed gum tissue can be caused from brushing the teeth to hard, poor oral hygiene, as well as gum disease. In the event that grafting is determined part of your treatment plan, living soft tissue will be taken from the palate (roof of the mouth) and placed within those exposed areas to provide a more esthetic appearance in addition to providing protection to the sensitive root structure of your teeth.

 Crown lengthening is a treatment for patients requiring both gum and bone contouring in which the patient is sedated intravenously and given a local anesthetic.  This treatment is normally reserved for patients in which the gum tissue prevents the tooth structure from being exposed enough to support a filling or crown. This can happen if a previous filling has fallen out and there is decay underneath or if the tooth breaks at the gum line.

Gingivectomy Sculpting Benefits

Gum reshaping benefits explained by Dr. Ammar TaimishGingivectomy procedures are a great way to both esthetically and correctively improve your gum line within the shortest amount of time and in the safest manner. Thanks to today’s technology, the treatment is virtually painless. With permanent results patients may return to their daily activities right after treatment

The laser procedure is designed so that the treated area is sculpted with the greatest precision, sealed and sterilized all at the same time reducing the possibility for infection, keeping inflammation at bay and enabling a comfortable and quick healing process.

In addition to safety, health and esthetic benefits, patients will also experience a boost in self-confidence as they will feel more confident and proud of their smiles.


Gingivectomy Sculpting Risks

Gingivectomy sculpting in Downtown Toronto by Dr. Ammar TaimishAlthough minor in comparison to many other dental procedures, gingival sculpting is still classified as surgery, so it’s important that you discuss and possible risks that might apply to you before undergoing the treatment.  Not to worry though, the gingivectomy procedure is performed under local anesthetic and the risks involved are minimal.

It is highly uncommon for patients to experience infection within the areas of treatment. However, in rare cases infection may occur. Other rarities include slight discomfort and minor swelling following the procedure.



Gingivectomy Costs

Gum reshaping cost at Norton Dental DowntownMost insurance companies do not provide coverage for the gingival sculpting procedure and the costs for treatment may vary depending on the dentist, location and extent of procedure. 

It’s important to keep in mind possible future health costs. In some cases, the gingival sculpting is recommended to reduce deep gum pockets caused by excessive gum tissue that collect bacteria which lead to infection and gum disease such as periodontitis and gingivitis. Some forms of gum disease have even been linked to respiratory problems, diabetes and heart disease.

The use of laser dental surgery in gingival sculpting provides minimal healing time, decreased risk of infection, and great precision. In addition to improving your smile, oral health and self-confidence, all factors previously discussed here should be considered in determining whether gingivectomy treatment is right for you.

Contact Dr. Ammar Taimish for a consultation to discuss matters further to ask about specific costs pertaining to your case and any financial options that may be available.