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Final Denture Placement

When the gums have healed and returned to a healthy condition, complete dentures will then restore the teeth in the lower and upper jaws. Throughout the healing process following tooth loss, the gums will shrink naturally over a period of six to twelve months. The necessary adjustments will be made to the temporary denture to adapt to the gum and bone structure during recovery. Such accommodations are hard and soft relining procedures to the temporary denture.

Removable partial dentures are prosthetic restorations that are built around existing teeth while still replacing missing teeth. Overture dentures are also removable, and like some types of partial dentures, are anchored to remaining teeth or tooth roots with metal or plastic. This anchoring allows for better stability and retention. All removable dentures, whether they are complete dentures, partial dentures or overture dentures, are to be removed before sleeping to allow the gums to come into contact with saliva which is an important aspect of oral health. Saliva helps to control the natural bacteria found in our mouths.