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Cost of Dentures

There are several factors that influence the cost of dentures such as the complexity of the case. For example, some cases will require additional procedures such as oral surgery to soften out the bony ridges. Other cases may require extractions of remaining teeth. Prosthodontists are specialists in constructing dentures and can sometimes charge more for services required. Different materials can be used to construct the dentures to make them more esthetically pleasing than conventional plastic tooth replicas which will lower or raise the cost accordingly.  Removable dentures are also available and the metals used can be costly. There are warrantees that come with your dentures which also influence the cost ranging from two to ten years. Other remaining factors to consider would be the location of your dental provider as well as the type of insurance coverage you have.

The total cost of dentures typically ranges from $400 to $8000. This may sound like quite a price tag but keep in mind the cost of dental implants. The cost is a pretty wide window due to the construction time, the dental materials used, the dentist’s knowledge and experience, and the time frame needed to create a perfect fit. Sometimes the entire process may require five to six appointments to complete the procedure. This cost doesn’t include tooth extraction or possible oral surgery. Keep in mind that depending on your insurance, you may be reimbursed up to 15 percent for the procedure or even qualify to have 50 percent of the total cost absorbed by your insurance. Contact your insurance company to see what coverage offers you qualify for.