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Dental Implants

Dental Implants Downtown Toronto

Dental Implant Advantages

Dental implants provide a permanent solution for tooth loss. It is for this reason that implants are often used alongside other restorative procedures for best results. Whether supporting a crown in restoring a single tooth, or a dental bridge in replacing several missing teeth, dental implants can provide a solution for qualifying candidates. A dental implant can even be used to stabilize dentures in order to reduce gum irritation and provide better stability.

In the past years, advancements in implant dentistry have allowed for the development of more narrow “mini” implants which has opened the candidacy for many more patients considering dental implants. In some cases, calling for more complicated treatment a prosthodontist specializing in such treatment will be called in to complete the procedure. In surgical cases, a periodontist and/or oral surgeon will perform the implant surgery. Consult Dr. Ammar Taimish (Downtown Toronto Dentist) to see if you qualify for dental implant treatment.