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Tooth Decay Restoration

Composite resin fillings require the use of additional equipment lengthening the entire procedure to nearly 50% more than required for the silver amalgam fillings. It is because of this that the price for composite fillings is more than that of amalgam fillings. Another factor to consider is that most dental insurance policies will not cover additional costs for fillings placed with composite resin.

In some cases in which tooth decay is more severe, additional procedures must be performed to protect and restore the tooth such as the following:

Dental Crown: A tooth that requires more support than can be provided by a dental filling will require a dental crown.

Dental Implants and/or Dental Bridge: Damage to the tooth that is irreparable and requires extraction will need a dental implant to restore the structure of the tooth and maintain a healthy looking smile. A dental bridge will be required in a case involving two or more severely decayed teeth needing extraction.

Root Canal: Nerve damage, abscission, or infection  to the roots of a tooth will require a root canal in which the infected roots of the tooth are removed, the tooth disinfected, and then sealed to prevent further infection. Learn more.