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Dental Emergency

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Oral Tissue Injury and Facial Pain

Injuries within the mouth including lacerations, puncture wounds, tears in the lips, cheek mouth and tongue are tissue injuries and constitute a dental emergency. In such a case, you should immediately clean the area with warm water. If the tongue is bleeding, gently apply pressure on the wound with gauze.  In the event you experience any facial pain involved with tissue injury, you may take acetaminophen or Tylenol as directed on the package label. Aspirin and ibuprofen are anticoagulants which should never be taken for a dental emergency as there ingestion may result in excessive bleeding.

An abscess within the mouth can be life threatening along with the severe infection which may accompany it. These cases require immediate treatment. Dr. Ammar Taimish may refer you to an endodontist (root canal specialist) to drain the abscess. If Dr. Ammar Taimish cannot be reached, you should go to your local hospital emergency center.