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Why Choose Orthodontics?

On average, a tooth can be moved about a millimeter per month with the help of orthodontic treatment. However, there is a great variability depending on the individual. Orthodontic treatments also may vary in efficiency depending on the needs of each case. Below we have provided some of the benefits to receiving orthodontic treatment today:

Reduced Time: Today’s technology provides dentists will 3-D imaging which aids and eases the process of creating the ideal positioning of teeth. Most orthodontic cases can be completed in a matter of 18-24 months, a significant reduction in treatment time from past orthodontic cases.

Comfortable Treatment: Orthodontic wires are now being made from materials that allow the repositioning of teeth and their underlying roots more quickly, and with less discomfort than previous wires. When necessary, the use of titanium implants anchored within the jawbone can greatly aid in shifting the front teeth back as required to allow space for missing teeth. Headgear is thankfully no longer required as it was previously in orthodontic treatment.

Esthetics: For patients who worry about sacrificing their present smile for the hope of their dream one, a new variety of options have been created. Clear dental brackets can help patients needing mild corrections improve their smile without the use of metal brackets. Invisalign is also a popular new development which allows for smile correction via the use of customized clear plastic aligners that are virtually invisible. The aligners are fitted to the teeth and are changed out about every two weeks.

Orthodontic treatment can award you the beautiful radiant smile you always wanted and deserve.