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Bite Correction

One of the most common recurring problems seen in orthodontic treatment is malocclusion (bad bite) which can result from one or more of the following issues:

Thumb Sucking: Children or infants who suck their thumbs or have relied on a pacifier for too long can create problems such as the forward protrusion of teeth seen in an open bite or the formation of a narrow palate requiring an expander.

Small Mouth: Limited space within the mouth can impede the development of tooth growth which can lead to crowding with the introduction of permanent teeth.  

Missing and Extra Teeth: Some patients develop extra teeth or lack the development of certain teeth altogether. The bite can be affected by missing teeth when the existing teeth will shift to fill the empty spaces, or when the protruding extra teeth cause severe crowding.

Misalignment: When the teeth are misaligned, this can greatly impact the functionality of the teeth, impair the speech of the patient, or facilitate the development of grinding and other oral health problems such as TMJ.