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Cosmetic Dentistry FAQ

Cosmetic Dentistry FAQ Downtown Toronto

Impact of smoking on dental patients

A. Patients who smoke are at high risk for periodontal disease, loss of bone structure, leukoplakia, salivary gland inflammation, as well as lung, throat and oral cancer. Smoking is a dominant cause of tooth loss and so patients who smoke require an additional set of considerations while undergoing any procedure whether cosmetic or not. For example, the success of dental implants resides in the ability of the implant to become fused with the bone. The effects of smoking will significantly decrease the chances of success in such a procedure. The health of gum tissue is also at risk and may prevent the success of other dental procedures. teeth whitening is not advised for smoking patients are whitening simply removes existing stains and will not prevent the re-formation. Patients who smoke will not experience long lasting results from teeth whitening as the teeth will continue to be stained by their consumption of tobacco.