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Invisalign Patient Stories

Invisalign by Dr. Ammar Taimish at Norton Dental Downtown

Check out how these patients got the smiles they've always wanted without hassel of traditional brackets and wires. Straighten your smile without sacrificing the one you have in the process!  




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Invisalign is a series of clear plastic aligners that are changed about every two weeks. Every aligner is individually customized to your teeth with the exact calculations necessary to perfect your smile. You are guaranteed a radiant smile with virtually no discomfort and without compromising your smile in the process. Better yet, Invisalign's specially developed aligners are virtually invisible so no one will even notice that you're improving your smile but you!  Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign patients are free to eat and brush without the hassle of metal brackets and wires.Simply remove the aligners when eating or brushing. Straighten your smile today with Dr. Ammar Taimish at Norton Dental Downtown.

Invisalign Treatment Steps


Step One - Initial Invisalign ConsultationThe initial consultation with Dr. Ammar Taimish will be used to examine your smile, discuss and any concerns you may have, as well as the results you can expect after your treatment is complete. Once Dr. Ammar Taimish, your Downtown Toronto dentist, has devised the treatment plan to best achieve your smile expectations, impressions will be taken of your teeth to be digitized so that Dr. Ammar Taimish can work with computerized 3-D imaging of your teeth.



Step Two - Invisalign Clinical AssessmentDr. Ammar Taimish will then carefully plan the movement of your teeth throughout your treatment. You will be able to see the virtual representation of your teeth prior to treatment, during treatment as well as following completion. This enables patients to see their expected result before they actually happen!



Step Three - Invisalign Treatment PlanBased upon Dr. Ammar Taimish’s customized treatment plan, aligners will be specifically constructed for your smile to accommodate the goals for each phase of treatment. The amount of aligners will vary with the extensity of each case. However, a full Invisalign treatment generally consists of 20 to 30 aligners per arch.



Step Four - Invisalign TreatmentThe aligners should be worn at all times, except while eating and drinking, to best complete your treatment within the timeline configured by Dr. Ammar Taimish. Occasional check-up will be necessary to monitor your progress as well as to switch into new aligners. You will begin to notice your teeth gradually moving into their ideal position. Likewise, your confidence to show off your smile will grow as well.               

Contact Dr. Ammar Taimish at Norton Dental Downtown today to find out if Invisalign is right for you. With Invisalign, improving your teeth is easy! Best of all, because of Invisalign’s virtually invisible aligners, you can smile to yourself knowing that no one else is aware that you are slowly improving your smile but you!